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Thaiwhales game (additional) Today, marine environment has more and more severely affected sea animals. Our way of living and modern technologies have, intentionally and unintentionally, encroached living areas of large and small sea animals.

Bryde’s whales in the Gulf of Thailand are rare marine animal that are important not only for Thailand but worldwide. Therefore, it is noteworthy for us to have correct understanding and thorough knowledge about them. We should learn of aspects that should affect their lives.

Rescue Bryde’s whale game is created as an easy simulator for player to understand any effect and difficulties they face. For the youngsters who do not have much interest in environment nor have no idea about Bryde’s whales, this might be a good start. Knowing that, “There are whales in the Gulf of Thailand”, might be a starting point youngsters learn to “love” whales.

The Rescue Bryde’s whale game development principles are;

1 To encourage youngsters and general players to understand and have awareness of marine environment and resources. The players will learn how to take care of them through fun and universal game.

2 The Bryde’s whale in the game is significantly designed to be one in the Gulf of Thailand. The unique character of subject is developed following biological information and behavior of Bryde’s whale for example breaking the sea surface to breathe. The environment of Thai sea is clearly shown as the background.

3 Information is provided through questions and answers.

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